Service at las Behlas

At las Behlas, we understand that excellence in service is vital to a perfect vacation, and we make hiring (and maintaining) first-class staff a priority. Our staff is reliable, friendly and competent, and our first employee is still with us. And should you have any needs that are not being met, we or our managers will be available to ensurethey are met.

Environmental Measures / Social Responsibility

At the Behlas, you can enjoy the luxury with a clear conscience.

Our villas use 99% renewable energy comprised of wind and solar power, with a rarely activated propane (natural) gas generator as backup.

We have a natural waste water filtration system that filters waste water through a series of tanks and humidals, ultimately returning cleansed water to the ground.

In Behla la Chiquita, we have augmented our waste water system with an effective and clean method by which we filter and recycle gray (shower) water for use in toilets before sending it through the filter/humidal system.

We compost.
We recycle.
We recapture rain water.
We built las Behlas mainly from local materials, and using local labor.
We value our staff and provide them with good compensation, good opportunities and
a good working environment.